Rudkhan castle

Rudkhan castle of gilan

Rudkhan as a Historical Tourist Attraction is the castle's name belonging to the Seljuk period, which is built over the forest highlands of Fomen County in the beautiful village of Rudkhan and has 2.6 hectares of land, and 65 rainforests and walls with a length of 1500 meters. The castle is located at an altitude of 665 to 715 meters above sea level, along with a river with the same name.



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About Rudkhan castle

Some experts have considered the construction of the castle during the Sassanid era and the Arab invasion of Iran. An important historical castle that has long been the center of the Gilan rulers is one of the greatest and most important fortresses in Guilan and even Iran.

Inscribed on the inscription on the entrance to it, this castle was rebuilt for the first time in 918 to 921 AH for Sultan Hesam al-Din Amirdabaj ibn Amir Aladdin Ishaq. The inscription belonging to this castle is now kept at the Museum of Rasht.

From the village of Rudkhan to the Rudkhan castle, there is a lot of beautiful nature and many prospects attracting the attention of every visitor.

Rudkhan castle among pristine nature

What is more beautiful than the castle of Rudkhan, where the bricks of the monument have been observing the fate, which went past the history of this frontier and the hidden mysteries in it, to watch simultaneously the history and nature.

To reach this building, you will pass through the lush and forest weather, which, with the beauty of its stunning nature, is like the full-fledged artwork depicted.

Unlike other castles in Iran, the Roodkhan Castle is located in the forest area and has been protected by the use of high quality materials over the years from wind and rain. This castle is one of the architectural masterpieces that shows the intelligence of Sasanian architects.

Among the interesting aspects in the Roodkhan Castle architecture is the use of different types of arches, as well as stone and stone Wall-building, which indicates the accuracy of its designers.

The Rudkhan castle has been listed in the historical and national monuments of Iran due to its structure, architecture and its strategic and martial characteristics.

Architecture of Rudkhan Castle

The castle of Roodkhan consists of two parts of the citadel (the domicile of his ruler and his harem) and Qurkhana (the place where military soldiers work for the soldiers). Citadel in the western part of the building is located in two floors and its genus is of bricks. The homesteads are dominated by the eastern side of the two floors, with a number of lighters and numerous apertures. There is also a spring between the fort and the most beautiful place. The eastern part of the castle includes: twelve entrances, jails, emergency rooms, baths and watercourses.

The western part has twelve entrances, springs, water reservoirs, bathrooms, a Shahstani shrine, and a few residential units enclosed by a tower and other buildings of this section. The 40 observation towers surrounding the castle surrounded by octagonal rooms with dome vaults. Around the walls and towers are sloping apertures that are embedded in melting and shooting.

It should be noted that during the history of the castle, the enemy never penetrated and could not conquer it.

Best Time for Rudkhan castle

The best time to travel here is spring and summer. Kalehrood Khan also has its own unique beauty in the winter and autumn, but due to precipitation these seasons may be slippery.

Address of Rudkhan castle

Qaleh Rudkhan, Gilan Province

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