Furg castle

Furg castle of khorasan

The magnificent Furg Citadel or the Mirza Rafi Khan Castle, which has fortunately been largely free from the destructive natural and artificial disasters of the time, shines like a royal monument among the ancient and historical monuments of South Khorasan Province. Furg Citadel is one of the most important historical fortresses in the country and one of the most significant monuments of Iran.



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Location and structure of the Furg Citadel

The Furg Citadel is located at a height of 1840 meters on the northern side of the village of Forg at the beginning of the Darmian Valley, which leads to the plain of Assadieh. In terms of location, it has a relatively good location, which encompasses the entire village, the farms, and the communication routes around the eastern region. The fortress is about 9200 square meters in extent from east to west. The main entrance of the castle is on its eastern fence, which is the lowest point of the castle.

Furg Citadel History

The main foundation of the Furg Citadel, according to the legends and chronicles goes back to the Afshariyeh period.

The castle was never concealed and was a formal and public fortress for the protection and security of the area. Iran's castles have long been divided into three parts: Kohandej (Ruler), Sharestan (Rural People's) and Rabz (Fields and Gardens), all of which have been linked together as seen in Furg Castle. The Forg village has long been around and associated with the Furg Castle.

Furg Citadel Address

The Furg Citadel is located in the village of Forg, five kilometers from Darmian city in South Khorasan province.

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